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Farm fresh strawberries

Locally Cornwall Produced Food

We are at the Cornwall Village Green!

We are at the Cornwall Village Green!

Bird's Eye Tanner Farm

Buck Mountain Herbs

Calf and Clover Farm (New!)

Colts Foot Cottage Farm

Hurlburt Farm & Forestry

Maple Hill Farm

Mohawk Mushrooms

Ridgway Farm

Stone Creek Farm

Suzie's Sweets 

Stevens Corn & More Farmstand


We are at the Cornwall Village Green!

We are at the Cornwall Village Green!

We are at the Cornwall Village Green!

Farm Market in Cornwall 

Centrally located

Pine Street

Cornwall, CT 06753

Across From the Town Hall

Saturdays  9:00 - 12:30


Suzie's Sweets baked goods strawberry rhubarb pies

Farm Market Notices

We are at the Cornwall Village Green!

Farm Market Notices

We will be open starting May 23,  2020 

CT Farm Markets are considered an essential business as part of the food and beverage industry. 

  New Applications can be submitted but determination of acceptance is currently delayed due to Covid concerns. We are attempting to comply with State regulations with our current vendors and hope to accept new vendors when possible. 

ALL Cornwall Farms 2020 Season!

Ridgway Farm

Maple Hill Farm

Maple Hill Farm


Pre-Orders Contact: 


the ridgwayfarm@gmail.com
4.6.20  Ridgway Farm have greens, eggs and syrup right now, go to their online store and pre order for pick up at their farm stand.

Maple Hill Farm

Maple Hill Farm

Maple Hill Farm


Call for Pre-Orders 860.672.0173

Richard Dolan and his Grandson, Logan will be bringing their Heritage Berkshire Country Pork cuts; chops, smoked, ham steaks and smoked bacon, breakfast sausage links and sweet italian links this summer! Welcome!!!

Hurlburt Farm

Maple Hill Farm

Suzie's Sweets


Call 860.689.6511 or email at


Hurlburt Farm & Forestry has:
All cuts of beef (8 cuts of steak to marinate, or not), and ground beef, roasts,
Select cuts of pork — roasts and bacon and breakfast sausage

Suzie's Sweets

Bird's Eye & Tanner Brooks Farm

Suzie's Sweets


4.6.20 Susan is taking orders now!

 Contact her at



 This year, new products! Homemade Pasta, Coissants...Savory pastries! .

In General:

 SCONES, blueberry, choc chip, raisins

MUFFINS, Lemon blueberry, wholewheat blueberry, raspberry, morning glory.

POUND CAKES, molasses, orange, lemon made with olive oil, rhubarb pecan also Made with oil. Coffee cake, Carrot cake,,Cheese cake 

PIES, strawberry rhubarb, mixed berry, blueberry, peach raspberry

Turnovers Apple or blueberry

COOKIES, double fudge, crisp chip, soft chip, molasses, oatmeal raisins, mint, caramel pecan, Linzer,  Brownies

BREADS,  BAGUETTE  , harvest grain, cinnamon, Italian sesame

Bagels, everything, poppy, sesame plain, cinnamon raisin

Bird's Eye & Tanner Brooks Farm

Bird's Eye & Tanner Brooks Farm

Bird's Eye & Tanner Brooks Farm


Pre-Orders Call Mark @ 860.671.0542 

or Office @ 860.672.6906

Galloway Beef and Icelandic Lamb 


Cornwall born and raised on grass alone: local hay and all-organic input pasture

Beef, ground, ground round, prime cuts (standing rib, t-bone, porterhouse, ribeye, filet mignon, etc.), brisket, flank steak, sirloin, roasts

Lamb, ground, butterflied and bone-in leg of lamb, shoulder, rib, and loin chops, shoulder steaks and roasts

Hogget,Mutton Sausage, Chorizo-style, Spicey Italian, Sweet

Mutton, limited cuts (please ask),  Sheepskins, Yarn, Rustic Rugs handwoven from our wool by Mountain View Weavers, Salisbury, CT 

Buck Mountain Herbs

Bird's Eye & Tanner Brooks Farm

Bird's Eye & Tanner Brooks Farm


Pre-Orders: email at buckmountainherbs@gmail.com 

or call 860.671.1545

USDA Certified Organic Potted Herbs 4" - 12" Annual and Perennials.  Potted culinary, medicinal and bee and butterfly plants. 

Check their website for list of herbs and informative articles about edible flowers and Beginning Gardener Tips!


This Year's Plants 2020:

Arugua & Lettuce 6 packs 

Basils: Sweet, Tulsi, Thai, Lemon and Opal

Butterfly Weed - Asclepia Tuberosa

Calendula, Alpha; Chamommile

Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Echinacea

Geraniums, Attar of Rose Scented

Lavender, Provence; Marigolds

Naturtium, Nicotiana, Parsleys

Rosemary Arp & Tuscan Blue

Coltsfoot Valley Farm

Coltsfoot Valley Farm

Coltsfoot Valley Farm



Back Again 2020!

Call 203.788.2472 for Pre-Orders

Fresh Cornwall Village vegetables

Stone Creek Farm

Coltsfoot Valley Farm

Coltsfoot Valley Farm


New Cornwall Farm this year 2020!

Becky Kemmerer will be selling Cornwall grown Chicken and Fresh Cut Flowers!

Pre-Order :  1-484-655-2392


Calf & Clover Farm

Coltsfoot Valley Farm

Calf & Clover Farm


New Cornwall Farm this year 2020!

Fresh Cornwall Dairy products will be at the market this year! Milk, Chocolate milk, cheeses., yogurt...Yeah!

Contact Us

Our email address is: cornwallcoopfm@gmail.com

Come See us in the Village - across from the Town Hall

Cornwall Co-Operative Farm Market

On the Town Green Pine St, Cornwall, Connecticut 06753, US

(860) 671-1545


Saturdays 9 to 12:30


Cornwall Co-op 2019 Calendar


Upcoming Themes & Events


May 18  Opening Day – Spring Plant Sale

May 25   Memorial Day Red White & Blue Sale

June 1     Children’s Sing-A-Long 10 AM with Johnny G at Library

June 15   Books & Blooms Weekend & Flower Sales 

June 29 July 4th Fest & Strawberry Festival

July 20   Rummage Sale Specials

July 27   Parents Day BBQ Meats Sale

Aug 17   Corn & Zucchini Festival

Aug 24  Tomatoes Galore!

Sept 1    Labor Day Harvest Sale

Sept 14  Cornwall Ag Fair & Herbal Wreath Making 

Sept 28 Maple Syrup & Apples 

Oct 12   Pumpkins & Pie Party

Oct 19  Last Regular Farm Market

& The Little Guild’s 5k Run & Wag 

Nov 23  Pre-Holiday Farm Market (inside Town Hall) 

Dec 21  Pre-Holiday Farm Market (inside Town Hall) 


www.cornwallcoopfarmarket.com   email: cornwallcoopfm@gmail.com